There's funny in most things.

Humor Author Norm Cowie

My Books

My books are a mix of adult and young adult. Most are humor and reviewers have compared them to Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. What they all have in common are pages.  
Oh, and chapters, some punctuation, you know, stuff like that. 

Below are some of them. You can find all of my books at my Amazon page. Just push the button below (not too hard, it's delicate) .


Founder, Humor Writers of America

  1. Fang Face
    As if being a teenager doesn't suck enough. Erin has been bitten by a vampire ...twice. As she starts slipping into the dark side, horrible things start happening, like pizza tastes bad, she's outed as a vampire during a dodge ball game and she can't see her reflection. Her friends and family learn one more bite will turn her Undead forever, so they arm themselves with stakes and garlic to protect her from the vampires that want to turn her into a coffin sleeper forever. "I loved this book, fangs and all," New York Times best-selling author James Rollins. "Fantastically funny," BookLoons. "...genuinely funny..." Taliesin - The Vampire's Lair. "This book sucks, in a most delightful way," Shane Gericke, national best-selling author. FANG FACE made me laugh, and I'm not a Teen. Or perhaps I am, but I'm trapped in a grown-up's body. --Raymond Benson, best-selling author. Five-starred by Amazon top reviewer Harriet Klausner.
  2. WereWoof
    When their friend Erin is taken by vampires, Trug and his friends strike an uneasy truce with a pack of werewolves to find the pointy tooth villains and save her. Everything unravels when the werewolves betray them, Nevin and Trug are converted into weredogs and their bat goes missing. Now the two weredogs have to use their newfound powers of Kibbles and Bits to battle turncoat werewolves and bloodsucking demons without the benefit of opposable thumbs. Stand alone sequel to Fang Face. "Don't miss this gem." Shane Gericke, National Bestselling Author
  3. Bonk & Hedz
    What was it like before NFL football? Before Reality TV? Before cake? Bonk and his mate Hedz are an ordinary caveman and cavewoman struggling with the everyday existence that comes when one's place in the food chain isn't all that clear. If creating fire, dodging volcano eruptions and outrunning saber tooth tigers isn't stressing enough, their daily survival is interrupted when a strange little caveman named Lob arrives in the village. Lob convinces their leader, Chief Wug, that a neighboring tribe is amassing weapons of mass destruction in preparation for an assault on their village. As Lob gains more influence on their chief, the tiny community of troglodytes must form an army and prepare to defend themselves. But when this endeavor raises unexpected social issues such as women's rights, religion and politics, the cavemen realize they might have been better off if they had never come down from the trees.
  4. The Adventures of Guy
    Somebody stole Seth's brain, not that he was using it anyway. To recover it, his brother Guy and college roommates Knob and Thurman must take on sinister forces using only their wits, knowledge of beer and an Amazon Warrior, whose breasts, like the Big Gulp, are too big for the cup holder. "Humorous Fantasy at its best..." - Armchair Interviews (Amazon top 100 reviewer). "...persistently entertaining read from first page to last" - Midwest Book Review. "Everything in the book is so true, you can't help but laugh in agreement." - Roundtable Reviews. "... a ridiculous comedy..." - Bryon Merritt, FWOMP Reviews. "...hilarious mishaps..." - Joliet Herald News. Named a 'Top Ten Novel of the Year' by Pop Syndicate. See why reviewers compare THE ADVENTURES OF GUY to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.