Christopher Moore and me ... two humor BA's
  (read my interview with Chris on Pop Syndicate)
Best Selling author Lee Child and some geek
at Love is Murder
Scott Gamboe and Carl Brookins waiting for food at Love is Murder
Me ... with Barb Aninno & Tom Schreck
Galena will never be the same after Joe Konrath and me
Garrison Keillor
Ridley Pearson, Dave Barry and me.  Read my interview  with 'em  on Pop Syndicate
Raymond Benson (James Bond) blurbed my book!
Mike Peters, creator of Mother Goose and Grimm
I'm with Tim Bete (former director of the Erma Bombek conference and Martha Bolton (wrote for Bob Hope!)
Tess Geritsen, William Kent Krueger, Lee Child,  Carolyn Haines, Barry Eisler with Joe Konrath emceeing in back
With Juliet Bond at ALA Conference
I dunno... some author fair (I think this is Homer Library)
Bob Goldsborough (wrote Nero Wolffe books!)
A fan!
Jim .. um ... crap. I forget. I had breakfast with him.  He was a writer for the show, House.  Wait, got it, Jim Strauss. Ha! (Update: Seems Mr. Strauss is a fraud and a convicted embezzler. Author/director Lee Goldberg outed Jim as a scamster. Check it out.  Here's the funny thing, I think this is cool!  I hung out with a big time scam artist! Woo-hoo!)
Dave Case, he's a cop, too
Karen Syed of Echelon Publishing and Joe Konrath.  I think she's pinching me.  Actually, Joe's the one pinching me.  I know both of his hands appear to be showing, but he's tricky.
Todd Stone, Johnny Depp and me
Talking with Trent Thrasher
Luisa Buehler
Total Geek!
Rob Walker
My wife hates this picture.  She says it doesn't look like me and I look like  a tool.  So let's call this my screwdriver imitation
Authors Julie Brown, the bald dude and Christine Taylor-Butler at the Missouri Writers Guild Conference