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Okay, my Rogues Gallery is about filled with pics, so consider this page 2 
With Libby Fischer Hellman, Elsa Prado, Andrea Jones
at Illinois Library Assn at Navy Pier in October 2010
No, I don't know Lisa Loeb. Just thought I'd throw this in here.
As most people know, the only way to kill a vampire author is to stake him with a gnome.
At KidLit 2010 in Princeton with a bunch of authors including Newbery Award winning Richard Peck, fellow SCBIWI'ers James Kennedy and Sheila Welch.  Also, um, let's see, Fr. Dominic Garramone; Jannifer Powelson; Kimberly Krueger; Lisa Riebe; Gail Wilkinson
At South Suburban College's Family Literarcy Night
Nov 2010
With 'Weird" Al Yankovic at Anderson Bookstore's 2011 Breakfast.  Yeah, fuzzy, camera was acting 'weird'.'
With Bestselling author and former Atlanta Falcon football player Tim Green at Anderson's Bookstore Breakfast Feb 2011
With Stephanie Hemphill at SCBWI meeting Sept 2011
Teacher Jen Schanz and a bunch of kids at Lit workshop (14 schools)
Where I wish I was ...
With the kids in Midlothian Library
...and to think Girlscout Troop 384 tried to scare ME!  Sillies. Bwah, ha, ha!
At my favorite Borders.  RIP, Borders
SCBWI Lunch with Stephanie Hemphill. SCBWI'rs Gina DiCiani, Stefanie Lyons, Linda Dryfout and Diane Zebinski Dillon. Not pic'd Jim Danielson (who was holding the camera).
With Best Freaking Selling             Author James Rollins
  (he blurbed Fang Face!  Woot)
With Ashley F. Bryan, Jan Spivy Gilchrist, Shari Brady, Patricia Murphy at the SCBWI table at the 57th Street Childrens Book Fair
with Christopher Moore at Andersons Books (his new book)
With my mystery buddy and best-selling author Julie Hyzy at Centuries and Sleuths
Yeah, I wrote a caveman book
With author, NFL Hall of Famer, restaurant owner, sports commentator, Coach Mike Ditka at his restaurant in Oak Brook Aug 2013. (second author NFL'er I've met - see Tim Green above) 
The Feature Film jurors of the 2013 Chicago International Childrens Film Festival -that's me top right. 
With best selling author Thom Hartmann at Frugal Muse
With one of the filmmakers I met at at Facets, Matt came to the festival from China with a claymation short film.
With best selling author ... The Fonz... Henry Winkler, Anderson's Books Children's Lit Breakfast, February 15, 2014.
With GP Ching at Bolingbrook Library
Hah!  Me in a dunk tank!  Another off my bucket list!
Cassie Fenwick reading Fang Face on-air WONC 89.1 FM wearing the red nose I gave her.
On air at WONC 89.1 FM April 2016. Two part interview!
Look who I met at Erma Bombeck 2016!  Alan Zweibel, author and original Saturday Night Live writer