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Norm writes a regular humor/business column about the vastly entertaining, scintillating, awe-inspiring collection of goodness known as the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act.  They are fun to read even if you don't give a hoot about liens, or leans, or llamas.

                                              And, get this, they are ... 


Yep, won an award from the National Association of Credit Management at their national convention in Nashville for ... "Best Article of the Year."  He beat out all of the attorneys (don't gloat, Norm). And, breaking news, NACM published a book compilation of his articles!

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If you want, you can whet your appetite with these articles that have appeared in Business Credit (a national magazine that goes out to 25,000 companies)       

"Warning Bells and the 'Bust-Out)   August 2000  

"The Great and Wonderful 341 Hearing"  November 2006

"Bankruptcy and the Good Humor Truck" October 2007         

 "What a Nice Guy"  March 2010   (contest winner!)     
(also appears in the on-line edition of Encyclopedia Brittanica!)

"Sometimes Ya Win" October 2017

Norm was quoted extensively in these two "Business Credit" articles:

"The Devil in in the Details"    May 2008

"The Darkness on the Edge of Town   September 2008

"Business Credit announces "The Heat of the Moment" 

"Authors Aid 2007 San Diego Fire Survivors"  Jan 08

Here's an article Norm wrote for regarding a vital change in the Illinois Mechanics lien statutes.  Aug 2015 

September 2015 Norm was quoted extensively for an NACM newsletter (that goes nationally to tens of thousands of companies) 

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NACM Chicago Midwest "Credit Executive of the Year 2004-2005"

Fun fact- Norm was a finalist for National Mentor of the Year in 2009
Here's the award (curved crystal, cool)