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Norm Cowie was developed in a test tube in Baltimore, and as his cells divided, certain elements of his behavior devolved into writing about things he thinks are funny. He's been published in the Chicago Tribune, Pop Syndicate, Cynic Magazine, Business Credit, Encyclopedia Britannica, and he writes an award-winning business credit column where he calls attorneys 'weasels' and 'poo-poo heads' (They haven't sued him yet). He  has written one horror book and eight humor books, including the YA vampire books Fang Face and WereWoof. His other books, including Bonk & Hedz, The Adventures of Guy series and The Guy'd Book, are for slightly more mature readers. Besides his Humor Writers of America stint, Norm is in the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. He also is a five time judge with the Chicago International Children's Film Festival, thanks to his immense talent at sitting in a movie theater nomming on popcorn. 

His marvelous talents include the ability to roll his tongue (don't laugh, some people can't do this)  

         (but he can't do this, though)

    And this
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And he has absolutely no musical ability whatsoever, so don't ask him to try to play an instrument or torture anyone with his vocal emissions.