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Price of Addiction
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BBA  '80  Western Michigan University 
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Norm  quick updates:

Norm was a judge in the  2013, 2014 & 2015 Chicago International Children's Firm Festival.

See events page for event hi-jinks.

Click here to visit The Humor Writers of America.

Norm's alma mater Western Michigan University showcased Norm's books on their website.

The National Assn of Credit Mgmt will publish an anthology of Norm's award-winning business articles in 2016.

NACM National article quotes Norm's articles regarding lien law change. click 'Business Stuff'

The Adventures of Guy 
 (adult and crossover to young adult)

Somebody stole Seth's brain, not that he was using it anyway. To recover it, his brother Guy and college roommates Knob and Thurman must take on sinister forces using only their wits, knowledge of beer and an Amazon Warrior, whose breasts, like the Big Gulp, are too big for the cup holder.

 "Humorous fantasy at its best..." Armchair Interviews. 

“…LOL funny” ~ Beverly at Publisher's Weekly

“No topic is safe from Cowie’s incredible wit and entertaining turn-of-phrase.” ~ Pop Syndicate 

“Hilarious, witty and oozing with snappy sarcasm…” ~3Rs Bits, Bites & Books

"Everything in the book is so true, you can't help but laugh in agreement." ~ Roundtable Reviews

The Next Adventures of Guy

Every "Quest" has to have a sorcerer, an elf, a warrior, special effects...and most of all, a sequel. So in the ridiculous, er, hilarious sequel to The Adventures of Guy, Guy and his college buddies, Knob and Thurman, take on a new quest...to save Earth from alien invasion.

  Winner of Preditors and Editors Readers Choice award for Best Sci-fi Fantasy. 

(young adult, but adults can enjoy)

Stand-alone sequel to Fang Face

Two teens-turned-weredogs use  their newfound powers of Kibbles and Bits to battle turncoat werewolves and bloodsucking vampires and save their friend from the pointy toothed villains. 

...clever one-liners..."  Constance Hullander, author of Snowstorm. 

"Like a fun vacation..." Ophelia Julien, author of Saving Jake
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Welcome to the web home of Norm Cowie, who hides out here when it gets too scary in the real world.  Norm is an award-winning columnist, absurdist and writer of (mostly humor) books, and he's a three-time judge of The Chicago International Children's Film Festival. He founded the Humor Writers of America because he wanted to hang around with other people who think Whoopie Cushions are funny.

* Breaking News! Norm's got two new books out, the first Helliburton, first available on 9/11, is a parody where George W Bush and Dick Chency have invaded
Hell in their search for weapons of mass destruction. Then, just
in time for Halloween, Norm's first horror/adventure book, 
Lucifer's. This one's not humor (unless you think demons are fun).

More breaking of news: NACM will be publishing an anthology of 
Norm's award-winning business columns in 2016 
(okay, done mutilating news).

​Hey, over to the right >>>>>  (this is a collection of short
stories incorporating many of the characters from his full
length novels.)

Praise for Norm Cowie's books:

"I loved this book, fangs and all," New York Times best-selling author James Rollins 

"Fantastically funny," BookLoons 

"Don't miss this gem," Shane Gericke, national best-selling author.  

“...genuinely funny..." Taliesin - The Vampire's Lair.

"Norm Cowie has a wicked sense of humor." Readers' Favorite Book Reviews 
(Psst, yes, you, there are free short story ebooks to the right - Just go this way >>>>>)
Out of print anthologies and Norm's original publishers
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